Alan + Cris {Engaged}

Alan is one of my nearest and dearest college friends and I couldn't be happier for him and the beautiful woman he has asked to become his wife, Cris. I have not known Cris as long, but I have come to know and love her and I just know that these two have great adventures ahead of them. I find relationships fascinating when you can see the balancing dynamic two people have with one another -- with Alan and Cris, this is no different. Take a look at how these two mesh...

Both born and raised in South Louisiana with a strong appreciation for all things New Orleans, they are getting married at St. Louis Cathedral next Spring. So, in lieu of such, we deemed it appropriate to do their photos in the surrounding area.I probably wouldn't normally include the below pictures in a blog post, but knowing Alan, I couldn't help it. You can clearly see his personality SHINE -- and moreso, the fun chemistry between these two.

I cannot wait to see your beautiful wedding unfold and watch you two and all of the fun newlywed adventures ahead. I love the both of you. Happy Tuesday!!