A Nautical Engagement Session | Annie + Reice, Part I: Fairhope Engagement Photography

One of my mama friends with littles has engrained an idea in them for as long as I've observed. I've watched her teach them through their little toddler choices, good and bad. Something that resonated with me was the way she spoke to them and allowed them to soak in the meaning of her words. As she'd observe her children pondering a particular choice, she'd remind them politely, "Make smart choices." When one would do something mischievous, I'd watch her calmly sit them down and say, "Was this a good choice?...Can you tell me why that was or wasn't the best choice?" Choices. The older you get, the more you realize just how much life is molded by every single one of those little beasts.

Nine years. Living states apart. Traveling. Gaining identities as adults, both separate and together. Learning how to boil rice and buy couches. Creating memories and just enjoying this pretty little life. Three thousand, two hundred and eighty-five days. Literally. How many days, thus far, that these two have chosen one another. I'm no expert, but I'll consider that pretty decent marriage prep...

Annie + Reice Engagements Annie + Reice EngagementsAnnie + Reice EngagementsAnnie + Reice EngagementsAfter just short of nine years together, Reice proposed to Annie in February of this year.  Annie is my cousin, so I've had the pleasure of watching these two grow into adulthood together, and I absolutely couldn't be more elated for this season of their lives. Annie + Reice EngagementsAnnie + Reice Engagements Annie + Reice Engagements

Annie + Reice Engagements Annie + Reice EngagementsAnnie + Reice EngagementsChoosing one another, day in and day out. When life gets messy, hard, sad, exciting, ugly--it always comes back to making the choice. I'm FAR from a marriage guru, but I can bet that if you'd ask any couple who's been married for a lifetime, they'll tell you the same thing: it all comes down to that one choice. Annie and Reice, you've already mastered this with exemplary grace over the past nine years. Here's to 99 more.Annie + Reice Engagements Annie + Reice Engagements Annie + Reice Engagements

Stay tuned for more of Annie & Reice's session soon!