Connie + Mike {a surprise wedding}

A bubbly personality, an eye for detail and an appreciation for the beautiful things, a cup that overflows with a breathtaking fervor for life and for love. This is Connie. I met with Connie once before her wedding day, then spent that day with her and, yet, I feel like I've known her much longer. That is simply the radiance that embodies her -- and undoubtedly, I know that it's that precise radiance that gives Mike such desire to honor and cherish her for the rest of their lives. Mike is no different. I'm pretty sure he doesn't meet a stranger. And it is with those irrevocable qualities these two have that left me after one day feeling like we could be great friends.

In case you're wondering what the surprise wedding title is about -- well, Connie and Mike's beautiful lakefront wedding was just that. After sending out the invitations below, family and friends anticipated attending a Bon Voyage party, in which would precede Connie and Mike's wedding alone in Jamaica. Once guests arrived, an announcement was made that the wedding would be held immediately. What a beautiful surprise! Fabulous reactions, love, and joyous tears were a common theme.

As a photographer, to know I had the pleasure to be paired up and witness a couple with such a fervor for life, love, family, and friends is truly what leaves me captivated by my job. I am not a portrait photographer to capture still, posed images -- I am a lifestyle photographer, capturing life as true, raw, and beautiful as it happens. So, Connie and Mike, thank you sincerely for allowing me that opportunity. The opportunity to meet you, document you, and take a little of your love home with me. You two are radiant.