The Importance of Tangible Photographs: Preserving Memories in Albums

With technology being as essential as a body limb in today's world, the debate between photo releases, preserving print images, and it being the responsibility of a professional photographer to educate the client on the importance of tangible print images is one that never seems to find a conclusive resolve. I posed a question regarding this topic on social media recently, despite the fact that this debate makes my stomach turn with anxiety. Yes, I said anxiety. Let me explain. It churns my stomach that I'm not offering the best for my clients, or that I'm not pushing them to preserve their family heirlooms in a tangible manner, OR simply that I'm not offering the exact product that perhaps fits their needs. After my social media post, what I learned is that most of my clients DO want the option for digital high-resolution images. Nonetheless, most also stated that they rarely get around to printing the images we plan, capture, and document so meticulously. Of course, this made me rack my brain to try to find a cost-effective option that would allow them to somehow receive both components at a price that both values the quality of the work and their pocketbooks.

2016-10-05_00052016-10-05_0004While quality albums will ALWAYS be a bit of an investment, I want them to be something my clients feel is within reason of their normal photography budget. With that being said, I'll be offering exclusive ADD-ON album pricing to my Lifestyle Collection offerings. This pricing will be exclusive to collections where the high-resolution download is purchased OR a minimum print order has already been met. Essentially, you're getting more bang for your buck. (; 2016-10-05_0001

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Happy Fall, Y'all!