Kelli + Ryan {Anniversary Session}

Kelli and I have known each other since kindergarten, so when she contacted me about her upcoming one-year wedding anniversary session, I was more than stoked. As I emphasized in this post, regular photo documentation after all of the wedding craze is done is, perhaps, even more special to me. You know, once you're living together, growing together, and realizing the true beauty unveiled in sharing your good, bad, and ugly with that other person. It's magical and scary, all in one sometimes, which is why I find looking back on these professional photographs can be such a rewarding experience for a couple.

Here's Kelli and Ryan. I loved their chemistry and the flow they brought to the session. Everything about this makes my heart sing. Kelli and Ryan, I pray that you look on these photos and see the beauty in your marriage now and forever. I hope that in a year when you look back on these photos that they bring you a nostalgia and whole new sentiment and appreciation for one another. And most of all, I pray that you always remember to document your life together and cherish the ways you grow with one another each year.

Thank you for allowing me to document. I wish you the happiest first wedding anniversary. Cheers!