Kaylin {Senior 2013}

Here we go! Another celebratory post celebrating my 2013 Seniors and reminding you of the FAB senior offer available only for another week! In case you missed it, for 2014 Seniors who book during the month of July, I'm offering some lovely little package add-ons COMPLIMENTARY. You can read more about that promo HERE. Many of my 2014 Seniors have already taken advantage of this lovely little offer. If you'd like to be one of them, email me at kali@kalinorton.com or using the CONTACT form at the top of this page and we can get things going -- I'd love to chat!

Enough about that, here's some goodness from another one of my gorg 2013 Seniors, Kaylin. Kaylin's session was filled with poise, lots of giggles, and the most perfect eyelashes and hair I've ever seen. Seriously, her ombre luscious locks had me picking my chin up off of the floor and asking her a-million-and-one hairstyling tips. Fun fact for you, if you are one of my seniors, be prepared for a little game of twenty-one questions about beauty and style when we meet. My seniors have fabulous beauty and fashion sense and I'm not too shamed to pick their brains about all of it. (:

There's something about ending a session in an open field as the sun is setting that will never get old to me. It's rustic, it's timeless, it's whimsical. It makes my heart sing that infamous happy tune.

Kaylin, you, your eyelashes, and your hair all rocked the camera fabulously. You are a beautiful girl, inside and out. Stay fabulous! Happy Tuesday, y'all!