Taylor {Senior 2013}

Still celebrating my 2013 Seniors over here and ringing in welcomes for my 2014s! It's been so exciting emailing and planning with those who have taken advantage of the July Promo already, and SUPER excited for meeting new ones! If you are a Senior this year and want to take advantage, you still have until next Wednesday, July 31st to snag the sweet little deal. I cannot wait to hear from you. (:

In celebration, here's another one of my favorite sessions from last year. Taylor's porcelain skin made for the most beautiful glow. Which reminds me of a little tip for ladies that I'll be posting more about soon...STAY AWAY FROM THE TANNING BEDS before photo sessions. They might give you a tan you're loving during the summer months, but tanning bed color doesn't do the skin many favors when it comes to photographs. It makes for uneven, less-than-natural skin tones. Nobody wants that, right? I'll talk more about this and other pre-session tips for ladies in a blog post next week.

Taylor was up for anything, which I love! Complete trust in me with styling will truly let the most natural photographs come out. Taylor has a sweet, quiet personality -- soft and inviting was her aura. And this rustic field at sunset, well, you know how I feel about fields at sunset...

Did I mention Taylor is a dancer? She's got some of the prettiest lines in her moves. We decided to incorporate that into some of her shots, in her dainty white dress. Oh, I love these shots. I also love that she will be able to show her kids one day all of her mad dance skill.

Taylor, you will do great things. I know it.