Morgan {Senior 2013}

Style, grace, beauty, personality, ambition. I don't think you fully grasp at eighteen years old just how much of the world is at your fingertips. Such a resplendent age of maturation, knocking at the door of more life experiences than you'll ever know. The next few years will bring some of the best times of your life, some of the best people in your life, and also, the bitter and sweet tastes of what it means to be an adult. These years are your transition into adulthood. Having experienced them not long ago, I'm here to tell you, savor them. And by savor them (don't worry parents) I don't mean to live up your college years partying it up on your parents' dime. No. I mean savor the opportunity you have to let people from other walks of life teach you, to let instructors mold you and expand your mind, to dream big dreams and allow yourself to explore the scary and exciting notion of achieving them.

Here are a few photographs from Morgan's session. Another one of my senior girls to take my breath away. Morgan, I'm so excited for you to go out and experience the world these next few years. You will do fabulous things. (: