Meet My Second Shooter...

He is my comic relief, my voice of reason amidst my frequent female freak-out sessions. He’s a genius brain and knower of any random fact. He is my avid video gamer, Pop Culture lover, Scout Sniper and Reconnaissance Marine. He’s my textbook reader and fixer of all electronic devices. He is my Mister Social, risk taker, and limit pusher.

He pushes me when I’m scared, picks me up when I fall, and challenges me when I’m stubborn. Our adventure in love has taught me more about life than I ever could have imagined, and brought me an eye for documenting life and love in a whole new light. It’s taught me to embrace life’s moments and the huge story, feeling, and era that lies behind each photograph. He connects with people and sees life in a whole different dynamic than I—and this is why he documents your day alongside me.

When you hire us for your wedding day, you're getting more than just a photographer and second shooter, you're getting a team of newlyweds who know the adventures, successes, trials, and monumental moments you will experience in this crazy next chapter -- because trust me, it will be crazy. And it will be beautiful.

Some of the most monumental times in your life are ahead. There will be beauty, there will be breakdown, there will be all emotions in between. There will be days when you need to listen to your wedding song after a fight or look through those pictures to remind you of how you felt at those moments, to remind you. This is why we document.