The Franklin Family

Five years, two deployments, countless long drives and hours of waiting for daddy, and many laughs, tears, frustrations, and triumphs. These are just a few of the many unforgettable memories I have with this sweet little family. Vickie was my very first Marine Corps friend long ago when I started dating Preston; little did I know what the next five years would hold in both of our lives. She and Lily were also the very, very first "photo shoot" I did during our Afghanistan deployment wait with a point and shoot camera, when having my own business was just an inkling of a thought. I knew immediately how much I adored her kind heart and sweet baby girl Liliana, but what I didn't know, was how much I would truly come to treasure our little 3rd Force Recon Marine Corps family of friends and the bond we would share.

I have watched Lily grow, anxiously awaited the news of if Sofia would be Sofie or Gabe, and now sit watching as they welcome another beautiful baby into their family very soon. Vickie was destined to be a mother. She raises these girls with such awe-inspiring dignity and carries a baby in that belly of hers with so much natural beauty and grace. I love how every bit of their individual personality shines through right onto these photographs...

From high school sweethearts, to growing and nurturing a beautiful, smart, healthy family that radiates so much love, I'd say they're doing pretty well for themselves.

Vickie and Daniel, I could not be more grateful to have known, loved, and documented you guys over these past five years. Here's to many more years and an invaluable friendship.