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Welcoming Monroe | Birth Photography: Witnessing a Water Birth

I arrived at Heather and Matt’s home to find her greeting me on all fours in the floor of the foyer, mid-contraction. In that instant, I knew I was about to witness something like I’d never seen before.

For the next eight hours, my attention became completely engrossed in documenting, in the most authentic way I could, the unfolding of that day.

Here’s a photojournalistic story of Monroe’s journey into the world…

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Demi | Baton Rouge Birth + Motherhood Photography

Demi's birth day was full of beautiful human connection, support, and love.  As Duston held Deirdre's hand through every painful contraction and kissed her forehead every-so-often for supporting reassurance, I found myself watching from the other side of the room with the most content grin painted on my face.  

I hope you enjoy a glimpse into some of the intense, quiet, and love-filled moments captured during Demi's first few days in this world...

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Welcoming Rodge | Baton Rouge Birth Photographer

After the weeks leading up to Rodge's birth, the moments scaling in emotion in the hospital room, and spending a few hours hanging with them when they were settled back home after his birth, I left feeling like I truly connected with them as a family, documenting this beautiful budding season of life with raw authenticity.

Here are those days...

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