“We only get Eighteen....

Eighteen Summers. Eighteen Spring Breaks. Eighteen Christmases. Eighteen of every annual event and tradition until our kids are either leaving us to begin their life or are choosing other options to celebrate as adults. Perhaps that is why I find myself so instinctively protective of each and every tradition. Because sometimes, the tick of that clock is deafening. And I know...that the days are long, but the years are oh so short.”

- Kara Layne

While I’m not a mama, I thought these words to be such a beautifully articulate description of what I can imagine the adventure of parenthood must feel like.

As time seems ever-fleeting, I truly believe that organic documentation of life’s seasons helps us to slow down and enjoy the mundane moments that fill our hearts and lives with joy. Some experiences, years, and feelings only happen once and the roles people play in our lives are forever shifting.


Let’s work together to document and curate your seasons of life & growth, creating a photojournalistic time capsule of this one little beautiful life you’ve been gifted.


Organic Motherhood, Birth, and Lifestyle Photojournalism Collections with Kali

customized collection pricing following consultation.

Want more information? Send me a little note about your family, your story, and/or what you'd like to work together to create. From your unique family travels to specific and irreplaceable moments with loved ones, I cannot wait to document a part of your journey through this life!