My name is Kali, pronounced "kale-ee,” like the veggie. Although, if you call me "Cali," I will probably politely answer to it until someone I know gently corrects it. I started a photography biz back in 2011, which has now evolved into a menagerie of creative things, but mostly, a focus on organic wedding + motherhood photojournalism.


While we like to make life look really pretty on social media, we all know the truth: life is incredibly messy. Feelings are messy, tragedy and loss is messy, love is messy, family is messy--no person or experience ever perfect.

I work with clients whose stories of the things they’ve endured with their loved ones paint an incredibly moving picture and teach me every day about what it means to LIVE, embrace, and document this one chance we get at these years on this planet.

The urge to create something inspiring that isn’t a replica of someone else’s, but entirely original, that invokes feeling–that’s what it’s all about.

Photographing, loving on, and connecting with warm humans is the most fulfilling thing to me--capturing a little piece of their heart and world. So, if you're new, thanks for stopping by! Leave me a little love note telling me about what you do, who you are, or what makes you passionate in this pretty little life!