Private Tuscan Villa Elopement

“We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone. We take photos to recall - with greater vibrancy - those experiences that have shaped and made us. We take photos to bridge distance and shorten time, to lend legacy to the little things and life to the forgotten. And we take photos to feel like artists on a Tuesday – and storytellers on a Sunday.”

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Renee + Patrick | New Orleans Engagement Session

Both Renee and Patrick hold a nostalgic place in my heart from separate past days spent among art, friends, and laughs.  Here’s a little peek into an afternoon we spent enjoying the Fall weather, laughing, + sipping cocktails along St. Charles Avenue…

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Welcoming Monroe | Birth Photography: Witnessing a Water Birth

I arrived at Heather and Matt’s home to find her greeting me on all fours in the floor of the foyer, mid-contraction. In that instant, I knew I was about to witness something like I’d never seen before.

For the next eight hours, my attention became completely engrossed in documenting, in the most authentic way I could, the unfolding of that day.

Here’s a photojournalistic story of Monroe’s journey into the world…

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Pigtails + Pampers: Kate is One! | Mandeville Family Photographer

One of my favorite things about seeing sweet Kate grow throughout this year has been to see the wonder in her parents' eyes as they soak in every little thing about her that adds beauty to their world.  From the moment I walked into their home for Kate's newborn session over a year ago, I felt overwhelmingly grateful to document her first year into a beautifully curated time capsule.

Here's a peek into Kate at one-year-old...

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Demi | Baton Rouge Birth + Motherhood Photography

Demi's birth day was full of beautiful human connection, support, and love.  As Duston held Deirdre's hand through every painful contraction and kissed her forehead every-so-often for supporting reassurance, I found myself watching from the other side of the room with the most content grin painted on my face.  

I hope you enjoy a glimpse into some of the intense, quiet, and love-filled moments captured during Demi's first few days in this world...

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Layrisson Family Generational Session | Northshore, Louisiana Family Photographer

After the births of both of her boys, Brandie had me over to photograph generational sessions with the littles, their parents, and grandparents. This year, we did a photojournalistic generational session at Parker's parents' house, where we gardened, laughed, had the best morning kicking off the beginning days of Summer and soaking in the best homegrown memories with family.

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Welcoming Rodge | Baton Rouge Birth Photographer

After the weeks leading up to Rodge's birth, the moments scaling in emotion in the hospital room, and spending a few hours hanging with them when they were settled back home after his birth, I left feeling like I truly connected with them as a family, documenting this beautiful budding season of life with raw authenticity.

Here are those days...

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New Orleans Elopement at Race + Religious | Alison + Scott

Alison and Scott got married at Race + Religious, a wedding and events venue in New Orleans, culturally rich in decor and ambiance that exudes an eclectic expression of the city. Though they currently reside in Los Angeles, Alison and Scott are both akin to our ole' girl Nola, as they lived seasons of life here that forever imprinted on their hearts.

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