Alexandra {Senior Photography 2012}

Whew! So needless to say, given my extreme and embarrassing absence from you guys since November 15th...I've been over-my-head busy (of which I hopefully plan on another blog post this week explaining my absence). In the mean time, I thought I could at least share one of the MANY sessions I have to share that have occurred over my absence.

This is Alexandra--a senior with a light-hearted smile, extreme passion for softball, and what I honestly found to be a beautiful strength in her smile.

Oh, and why the big ring on her finger? Well, that would be because they won the STATE Championship last year. I remember high school years and how absolutely epic that feeling is. You can totally feel that strength I was talking about in this next one...I love her transition from that strength, to girl innocence below.Hopefully I'll have more posts this week to prove to you guys that I have indeed been working in my absence this past month and a half! Happy Monday!! Oh, and I think it's certainly appropriate for a little Geaux Tigers!!!!