Natalie {Senior 2012}

So, as you can see I'm truck truck truckin' along catching up on all of my senior posts I've not had time to post the past month or so. Let me just say that I LUUUUURV photographing seniors - always so fun and creative!! Natalie was no different. She stole my heart at her perfecto application of makeup. See?!

Then we decided to get a little sassy with it. (;Then, we decided to get a little sassy with it. (;That was, of course, right before the southern belle look, that well, you guys know I'm drawn to. Southern Belle and eyes...let's just call those my sweet spots...Stay tuned for Katy's senior post this afternoon. Two in one day?! I know, I know. I feel like a parent who has neglected her child. Can't be having that nonsense. Happy Wednesday!