What I Wore: Out-to-Lunch Summer Casual

Ok, I didn't rummage through Preston's closet for any part of my outfit...this time. Nonetheless, it's another outfit of staple pieces, and more importantly, super affordable. I'm a believer in spending good money on clothing items that I think I'll wear for several years, but am also quite ok with buying lesser quality made items if they're more trendy or I think I'll only wear them for a season or two. I'll post more examples of specific quality vs. seasonal items in the future to illustrate more of how I work them into my wardrobe (and budget).

For now, I'll share with you some pieces that have trended as staples for me this summer...

Downtown FairhopeDowntown Fairhope

I'm a dress girl. When you have a little junk in your trunk, like me, dresses just tend to be all-around more comfortable. I found this tunic dress last winter and love that I've been able to change it up through seasons.

My two ALL-TIME FAVORITE accessory buys this summer were this brown crossbody purse and black wool hat. I was on the hunt for the perfect black hat that fit my budget and my fancy for quite some time before I stumbled across this one. I'm so glad I waited it out instead of impulse buying when I started my search for it in late Spring.

Grey Tunic Dress: Imagine Boutique

Wool Hat: H&M

Crossbody Saddle-style Purse: H&M (similar)

Necklace: World Market

Downtown Fairhope

Happy Thursday, my friends!