Doe Eyes & The Love of a Mother | Bech Family: Baton Rouge Family Photographer

"There are two gifts we should give our children--one is roots and the other is wings." After 5 years in business, while there are many things that pull hard on my heartstrings, one of my utmost favorites is my families that entrust me to document the sweet growth and change in their lives, year after year. I presume this is a genuinely gratifying sentiment for most small business owners--and truly one of the most fruitful sentiments. I've watched these sweet boys grow for the past few years now, and each session leaves me baffled with how much their little personalities develop.

Bech Family Bech FamilyBech Family Bech Family

Taylor's boys are always so playful and well-behaved. From Gantt's big, brown doe eyes, to Blain's big love for his momma, I can see why she carries that big, vibrant smile on her face.Bech FamilyBech Family

Taylor and Blain, thank you for entrusting me with documenting the growth of your beautiful family, year after year.Bech FamilyBech FamilyBech Family






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